Zenith Grain Free Premium All Life Stages Hairball Care Salmon and Chicken Dry Cat Food 1.2kg

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  • ZENITH CAT is custom-designed functional feed that is to fit the shape and size of feed, calorie, ingredients to provide adequate nutrition and to consider hairball, urinary tract, immune system, vision, intestinal health etc.
  • ZENITH CAT is easily digested and excellent palatability, it is soft textured semi-moist feed that is mixed fresh
  • This product is a semi-wet product made with fresh salmon and chicken meat. The texture is soft, so it is easily digestible and has excellent palatability.
  • For cats and their owners, hairball material (cellulose) has been added so that the hairballs can be discharged during defecation.
  • It can help prevent urolithiasis in cats by adjusting the mineral balance to keep the pH of cat urine slightly acidic.
  • For the health of companion animals, we use natural mineral water that has passed through a special filter made of various seaweeds rich in minerals.
  • It has good palatability by using high-quality natural flavor, and no artificial flavor is used.
  • By adding squid extract (containing taurine and chondroitin), you can help your cat's heart health and bone and joint health.
  • Calcium, phosphorus and various minerals can help support teeth and bone health.
  • By adding a vitamin-mineral mixture (vitamin A, iron), you can help your cat's lively life.
  • Since it does not use cheap grain raw materials such as corn and wheat that cause allergies, it can help your cat's skin and coat health.
  • Due to our unique manufacturing method, secondary drying is not performed at high temperature (over 100℃), so there is almost no nutrient destruction.

Zenith Grain Free Premium All Life Stages Hairball Care Salmon and Chicken Dry Cat Food 1.2kg

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