Virbac Megaderm 8ml 28s

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  • Virbac Megaderm 8ml (28's)
  • Box of 8ml sachets (28 sachets). For dogs and cats more than 10kg
  • One box of 28 sachets, equivalent to 4 weeks, is recommended for use
  • Megaderm has the superior formula for Essential Fatty Acids. Megaderm has the ideal 5:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 essential for the production of anti-inflammatory mediators that is useful in maintaining skin integrity and modulating inflammation in skin infections
  • Megaderm is recommended in dogs and cats with skin allergies and keratoseborrhea ( dry, with flakes, greasy and smelly haircoat) and as an adjunct treatment and prevention of canine atopic dermatitis
  • Megaderm is used to maintain and improve the luster and smoothness of a healthy coat. Megaderm is useful in managing the seasonal shedding of haircoats
  • For skin and haircoat health and maintenance, 1 sachet every other day.  For skin disorders, 1 sachet every day.  The duration of use will be upon the recommendation of the veterinarian
  • Contains Omega 6 (sunflower and evening primrose oils), Omega 3 (coldwater fish oil), Vitamin A and E

Virbac Megaderm 8ml 28s

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