Nutriscience Pet Fleas and Lice Killer 200ml

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  • A safe, non-toxic treatment made from organic sources.
  • Nutriscience pet fleas and lice killer effectively removes fleas, ticks and lice without resorting to toxic chemicals that leave harmful residues.
  • Exposes the protective layer of parasitic insects and targets their internals to effectively destroy them. It is effective at killing these insects at all stages of their life cycle.
  • For infested pets, spray onto the pet's body while avoiding the eyes. Brush and stroke its coat while spraying for maximum contact. Spray until entire coat is damp.
  • For infested beds or beddings, spray on and saturate surfaces or fabrics that maybe infested. Brush or scrub surface to maximize contact.
  • For maintenance, spray a thin layer on pet and its bed/bedding after giving it a bath to repel unwanted fleas, ticks and lice.


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