Entrée Gourmet Ham and Cheese Charcuterie Dog Treats 70g

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• For our dogs, there is no greater love than ENTREE Gourmet dog treats.
• Packed with premium taste, high meat content, and luscious flavoring to make every bite special.
• Given as a treat or as positive reinforcement for training.
• It should not be given as the main source of nutrients, nor should it form more than 10% of their daily diet.
• Always have fresh water available when giving.

Feeding Guide:
• Small (5kg and below)- 1 to 2 sticks/day
• Medium (5>10kg)- 2 to 3 sticks/day
• Large (10 kg and up)- 3 to 5 sticks/day

Storage Directions:
• Avoid placing product containers directly on the ground to limit contact with moisture.
• Maximum height of the cardboard boxes should be five or six boxes.
• Product should be stored in a cool and ventilated room, ideally between 10-20? or with a maximum of 25?
• Store away from direct sunlight.


Entrée Gourmet Ham and Cheese Charcuterie Dog Treats 70g


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