Doggyman Biscuit Chlorophyll Dog Treats 140g

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  • Doggyman Dog Treats
  • Contains lactic acid bacteria, a representative of good bacteria, oligosaccharides that nourish and promote growth, and dietary fiber that absorbs water, swells and pushes stool. Supports maintenance of stomach health
  • The dough rich in sweet and gentle milk scent is baked to a crispy light texture. It is delicious for everyday snacks and rewards.
  • Contains Yucca extract, which absorbs stool odor, and calcium that forms teeth and bones. Supports dogs' health maintenance.
  • For pet dogs more than 2 months old
  • Target: Snacks for all breeds (ultra-small dogs, small dogs, medium-sized dogs, large dogs)

Doggyman Biscuit Chlorophyll Dog Treats 140gDoggyman Biscuit Chlorophyll Dog Treats 140g

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