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  • Many remedies in fact were tried: buy HCG, expensive medical treatments, not so expensive but toxic therapies, home cures like cooking oil and engine oil, and even herbal treatments. One herbal treatment though was able to stand out and prove itself an effective “Mange-Buster.”
  • And that herb is Madre De Cacao. Containing the active component Tannins, Madre De Cacao is widely used as a mange treatment that is not harmful to canines. Once applied, Madre De Cacao acts as an effective anti-parasitic, safely eliminating mange causing fleas. The only downside to Madre De Cacao is that the extraction of the needed component can be slow and messy.
  • That is why Doggies’ Choice has made Madre De Cacao an integral part of its Anti-Mange Line. Doggies’ Choice Anti-Mange Soaps and Shampoos provide direct access to this mange fighting herb, keeping pets“galis” free. With the addition of Sulfur to the soaps and shampoos

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