Aozi Adult Gold Dry Dog Food 2.5kg

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  • Aozi Dry Food
  • For Adult Dogs of All Breeds
  • High quality adult dog food, a unique hair beautifying formula with Omega 3 and 6 added
  • Easy to Digest, Strengthen Bones, Protect joint, Maintain Healthy Skin and Resist to Diarrhea
  • The meat used by Aozi pet food is delicious and nutritious and up to the freshness standard
  • Fruits and vegetables are up to the freshness standard with balanced nutrients
  • Select high-quality coarse food grain providing enough protein and energy
  • Low-allergic and high-quality beef for dogs with allergic constitution
  • Improve Intestinal Nutrition Balance - By adding prebiotics oligasaccharides (FOS) and beat pulp protects gastric mucosa, help regulate the intestinal transportation, comprehensively improve intestinal nutrition balance
  • Healthy Growth - High quality protein, essential fat acid and properly proportioned vitamins and minerals ensure the coordinated development of dogs bones and muscle
  • Improve Immunity - Help puppies to establish their own immune systems. With exclusive antioxidant complex substance(ethylamine sulfonic acid, lutein, vitamin E and C) oligasaccharide FOS, strengthen the pets ability of resisting diseases
  • Nutritious Egg and Spinach - Selected yolk and spinach are rich in various micro elements and vitamins. Unique formula with Omega 3 and 6 added can beautify hairs

Aozi Adult Gold Dry Dog Food 2.5kg

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