Our Cat Tofu Green Tea Cat Litter 6L

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  • Our Cat Green Tea Tofu Cat Litter
  • It is a natural, eco-friendly and organic product that helps combat and control cat litter box odors.
  • Made of natural and organic tofu formed into highly absorbent pellets that clumps together while absorbing moisture and eliminating unwanted odors.
  • Easy to use. Just use slotted scooper to remove soiled clumped potions.
  • Economical. Instead of replacing the whole contents of the litter box regularly, simply add enough to replace discarded soiled portion.
  • Easy Clean Up. The superior absorbency of this tofu litter keeps your litter box drier for easy clean-up.
  • Biodegradable. May be disposed by mixing into your garden as plant fertilizer or compost.
  • Flushable. OUR CAT Tofu Cat Litter can be flushed in a toilet in small quantities at a time.

Directions for Use:

  • Fill cat litter tray with OUR CAT Tofu cat litter, two to three inches in depth would be enough 
  • When cat uses OUR CAT Tofu cat litter, the liquid is quickly absorbed and becomes a solid clump.
  • Remove the clumps and other solids from the tofu cat litter and dispose properly.
  • Refill cat litter tray with OUR CAT Tofu Cat Litter after each waste removal.
  • To maintain freshness, replace contents of the cat litter with fresh OUR cat Tofu cat litter once a month.


 Our Cat Tofu Green Tea Cat Litter 6L

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