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Royal Canin’s Nutritional Approach

At Royal Canin, we focus our efforts on understanding the unique needs of domestic cats and dogs. Everything we do is designed to create precise nutritional formulas to help them have a long and healthy life. All our products are researched and developed not by trends in human nutrition or preferences of the pet owner, but through innovative nutritional science and the observation of cats and dogs.


Tailored Nutrition for Unique Needs

We put our 50 years of scientific knowledge at the service of the health and wellbeing of pets. Founded by a veterinarian in 1968, Royal Canin has always been an expert in animal health nutrition. We place cats and dogs at the heart of each step of the innovation process to develop precise, tailored nutritional solutions for them.

Understanding a pet's nutritional needs

At Royal Canin, we know that Persian cats use the lower side of their tongue to pick up kibble, and Yorkshire Terriers generally show fussy eating habits. Dalmatian dogs do not process dietary purines like other dogs, and the weight of Maine Coon cats means their joints often need greater support. By understanding these nuances in their health and behaviour, we can tailor each diet to provide genuine support to each pet.

Finding the right diet

Food can be safe and nutritious and still not be the best choice for your cat or dog. The right food will address the specific needs of the individual animal. It should respect the sensitivities of the pet, keep them in good, on-going health, fulfil dietary preferences, and remain palatable as the pet’s needs develop.

Your pet's changing needs

As your pet grows and ages, there are many different factors that can affect their nutritional needs. Responding to these changes in the short-term can make all the difference to their long-term health. That’s why it’s so important to maintain regular appointments with your vet.

A nutritional assessment should be performed by a pet care professional before making any changes to your cat or dog's diet. The goal of this assessment is to review your pet's lifestyle, feeding history, sensitivities and anything else that could impact their nutritional needs. Following this, you and your vet will be able to make nutritional decisions for a cat or dog based on scientific facts, respecting the unique needs of your pet.

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