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Health is our obsession

Everything we do is driven by our passion for the health and wellbeing of every cat and dog.

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Pet first

We always put the needs of pets first. That gives us a clear focus that steers our research, underpins the nutritional quality of all our products, and helps cats and dogs live longer, healthier lives.


Precision in everything

Our deep knowledge and experience has given us a precise understanding of the needs of pets, and the nutrients required to keep them at their magnificent best. This precision ensures the high performance of every aspect of our products - from the shape, texture, palatability and digestibility, to the safety and traceability.

Royal Canin

Our Vision of Sustainability

Royal Canin wants to improve pets' life, placing cats and dogs' needs first to contribute to their optimal health. There is more: our nutritional approach based on nutrients enables us to consider the environmental and social impact of every single recipe we develop, whilst providing pets with nutrition of the highest quality, benefits and safety. And our sustainability journey doesn't end there: we are working relentlessly towards improving our impact on pets, planet and people, by making our activities more sustainable and socially responsible.


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