Royal Canin | Quality and Food Safety

Committed to quality and food safety

Over the last five decades Royal Canin have put nutritional quality and product safety at the heart of our operations worldwide. This attention to the very smallest details helps us deliver the most precise and effective health nutrition for pets.


ROYAL CANIN food and safety processes

Our gold standard production processes ensure Royal Canin deliver safe and high quality products worldwide. Our specialist buyers worldwide use the same selection and purchasing processes for raw materials. This makes sure all our products have the same high nutritional standards. Many of our suppliers are long-term partners. Regular in-dept audits of all suppliers ensure precise specifications are met for all the raw materials we use in our facilities worldwide. And every single shipment is checked before entering our production centers worldwide, and all of those facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art testing labs. Those labs analyze nutritional quality and food safety indicators such as mycotoxins and oxidization.


Consistent Quality

All 1,800 food production operators worldwide follow the same strict process to ensure consistency and quality.

Systematic Checks

During the manufacturing process, there are ten different quality controls, ensuring quality compliance with our specifications and traceability standards. In addition to this, our labs conduct arond half a million analyses worldwide every year.


Rigorous supplier selection

We use strict selection criteria to identify suppliers that can help us maintain our best-in-class quality and safety standards. As part of that we undertake in-depth audits to determine nutritional value, production quality, traceability and sustainability.

Fully traceable ingredients

100% of incoming raw materials are analysed, and a sample of each is kept for two years. This ensures we are able to trace every raw material all the way back to its origin, for the full duration of the product's shelf life.