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A healthy dog is a happy and active companion, bringing joy and vitality to our lives. However, like humans, dogs are also susceptible to various health issues that can arise at different stages of their lives.

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In this article, learn the common illnesses among dogs and how having pet insurance can prepare you for unexpected medical expenses. This way you can provide the best care for your beloved fur babies.

Puppy Illnesses

Puppies need regular checkups and vaccinations to ensure a healthy start to life. Vaccines prevent dangerous diseases, and frequent checkups let doctors spot problems in their bodies at an early stage. Deworming and flea treatment are examples of preventative care that can keep puppies parasite-free. These preventative measures lay the groundwork for a lifetime of health and happiness, making them stronger and more capable adults.

Getting your puppy checked by the vet is the best way to ensure it gets the vaccines and preventative care it needs to fight the following dog health issues:

1. Parvovirus

Parvovirus is a highly contagious stomach virus transmitted through feces. It causes acute symptoms on puppies like vomiting, bloody diarrhea, lethargy, and decreased appetite. Cases of parvovirus require veterinary attention and may require hospitalization, where they provide supportive care.

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2. Distemper

Distemper affects the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and neurological systems of puppies. The symptoms include eye or nose discharge, fever, coughing, lethargy, decreased appetite, vomiting, paw pad thickening, circling, head tilt, and seizures. This disease is deadly and rare recoveries may cause lasting neurological and dental disorders.

3. Parasites

Parasites are commonly hiding inside your pup or in their coat. Internal parasites include roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, giardia, and more, while external parasites are fleas, ticks, and mites. Symptoms and treatment for pet diseases from fleas and ticks vary, so regular preventive measures are critical.

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4. Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough is a common respiratory illness in dogs and puppies, transmitted through contact. Symptoms include coughing, but overall health remains unaffected. Treatment is usually unnecessary, with most puppies recovering within 10 days.

5. Vomiting and Diarrhea

Vomiting and diarrhea are symptoms of underlying illness in puppies. Causes include foreign bodies, toxins, parasites, diet changes, infections, and stress. Treatment varies based on the case.

Health Issues in Adult Dogs

Adulthood is the prime of a dog's life. It is a time of vigor and vitality, where they experience the joy of being active companions. Consistent health treatment becomes crucial to ensure their continued health at this point. Vaccinations, parasite control, a healthy diet, and regular exercise are just a few preventative steps for the following common dog health problems:

1. Dental Disease

Oral infections are the most common disease in dogs, typically affecting them after three years of age. Tartar, gingivitis, and periodontal diseases are prevalent. Symptoms include bad breath, loose teeth, changes in appetite, and more. Treatments involve teeth cleaning, extractions, and veterinary care.

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2. Obesity

Dogs that are obese develop an increased risk for several diseases. It includes cancer, diabetes mellitus, heart disease, hypertension, osteoarthritis, faster degeneration of affected joints, urinary bladder stones, and anesthetic complications.

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3. Skin Infections

Excessive scratching in dogs may indicate an underlying issue. Food allergies, particularly to corn, wheat, and soy, are common causes of itchy skin. Switching to a low-allergen diet can help. If the itching persists, a vet visit is necessary to address possible bacterial or yeast infections and prevent painful hot spots.

4. Urinary Tract Problems

Symptoms include increased urination, accidents indoors, blood in urine, dribbling, painful urination, straining, and excessive licking of the genital area. Your veterinarian will do a urine test to detect the type of infection and prescribe the appropriate antibiotic medication.

5. Ear Infection

Dogs with recurrent ear infections are often allergic to their food, especially corn, wheat, and soy. Signs include scratching, head shaking, and rubbing ears. Severe symptoms include redness, scabs, balance issues, hair loss, pain, and hearing loss.

Common Ailments in Senior Dogs

Senior dogs may experience various common ailments as they age. Arthritis, cognitive decline, dental issues, vision and hearing loss, and obesity are health concerns affecting older dogs. Understanding and addressing these ailments is crucial for making your dogs comfortable in their golden years.

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1. Cognitive Dysfunction

Aging dogs may experience cognitive decline, leading to confusion, disorientation, and changes in behavior. These symptoms can resemble senility or Alzheimer's. While there is no cure, medications, and antioxidant-rich foods can help manage cognitive dysfunction.

2. Joint Pain

It is a progressive disease that damages cartilage. While no cure exists, treatments can alleviate pain and slow its progression. Proper nutrition, including omega-3 fatty acids, supports joint health.

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3. Hearing and Vision Loss

Eye and ear deterioration in older dogs can cause hearing and blindness. Seniors often have cataracts. Dogs navigate on smell and vibrations despite disabilities. Ear infections and genetics can cause hearing loss.

4. Heart Problems

Heart disease, including congestive heart failure, can affect older dogs. Symptoms like coughing, difficulty breathing, exercise intolerance, and vomiting require immediate veterinary attention to assess possible heart disease.

5. Cancer

Lumps and bumps are common in older dogs, but not all are cancerous. However, the risk of cancer increases with age. It's important to have any unusual lumps examined by a veterinarian.

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Safeguarding Your Pet's Health and Your Peace of Mind

Every fur parent knows the stress of having sick pets and more stress due to expensive medical treatment and laboratories. But with the help of pet dog and cat insurance, you can have financial protection, access to quality veterinary care, coverage for accidents and illnesses, peace of mind, and the ability to make informed healthcare decisions for your beloved pet.

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Pet insurance in the Philippines mostly offers benefits for accidental injuries, death, and disablement of your dog. With pet insurance, you can access a network of trusted veterinarians, allowing you to choose the best care for your pet without worrying about the cost, ensuring timely and appropriate treatment for their health needs.

Affordable insurance for your pet dog also provides you peace of mind knowing they have financial protection and support when unexpected accidents or illnesses occur. Luckily, BDO Insure offers pet insurance products for your fur babies' financial protection. Learn more about their pet insurance coverage and inclusions here.

The Takeaway

Puppies require proper nutrition, vaccinations, and regular check-ups to ensure healthy growth and development. As they mature into adulthood, they may encounter common ailments like dental problems, obesity, or allergies. Senior dogs, on the other hand, often experience age-related conditions such as arthritis, cognitive decline, or heart disease.

Responsible dog owners know that understanding these common dog health problems is important. Their well-being is in our hands, and by staying informed and taking appropriate action, we can ensure that they live long, happy, and healthy lives. Adding extra protection through pet medical insurance ensures that your furry companions receive necessary care without straining your finances.

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