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Getting a new cat is an exciting and rewarding thing to do. As you start this journey, you must be ready to give the best care to your new feline friends and create a happy and comfortable environment for them. From establishing a safe place to getting the right supplies, these essential cat care tips will guide you through the necessary steps to take to ensure your cat’s happiness and well-being.

Whether you're a first-time cat owner or simply want to refresh your knowledge, let this comprehensive guide to cat health and wellness become your trusted companion as you welcome your new fur baby into your home.

cat condo

Cat Condo

A cat condo is like a fun playground for your cat, featuring rough surfaces that cats love to scratch, mimicking the sensation of tree bark. Since cats have retractable claws, scratching helps them maintain healthy claws by shedding the outer layer. A good cat condo not only keeps them entertained but also ensures their claws remain in optimal condition.

We recommend choosing the Approved Cat Condo from Pet Express. This multilevel cat tree offers additional space for your pet to climb and explore, providing hours of entertainment. With a step-by-step manual and included tools, assembly is a breeze. Your cat can play, exercise, relax, and sleep comfortably on it, guaranteeing their happiness and contentment.

cat litter box

Cat Litter And Litter Box

To maintain a clean litter box, daily waste removal is crucial. Add approximately two to three inches of litter, providing ample depth for urine absorption and accommodating your cat's natural digging instincts. This ensures a hygienic and comfortable environment for your cat.

Discover the ultimate solution for a clean and odor-free home with cat litter from Pet Express. Our premium selection of litters boasts superior clumping power, excellent absorbency, and long-lasting freshness. Choose Catsan Light Cat Litter, which features special mineral granules and offers exceptional absorbency.

It's 20% lighter than bentonite cat litter, clumps quickly for easy cleaning, and boasts robust and unscented odor control. Plus, it won't stick to the bottom of the litter box, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you and your cat.

cat eating food

Food and Water Bowl or Dispenser

When choosing food and water bowls for your cat, opt for stainless steel or ceramic materials. They are easy to clean and do not retain odors. Ensure the size is suitable for your cat's needs, and consider elevated bowls, which can be easier on their posture. Using proper bowls is crucial for maintaining hygiene and promoting healthier eating and hydration habits in cats.

There are also automatic cat feeders that dispense food or water to your cat without the need for manual feeding. It’s the perfect cat essential for cat owners with busy schedules, irregular working hours, or multiple pets to feed.

cat food and treats

Cat Food And Treats

Cats thrive on a balanced diet of high-quality cat food rich in proteins, such as poultry or fish, alongside essential carbohydrates and nutrients. Make sure that you are giving all their nutritional needs by getting them the type of cat food they need.

Most commercial cat food is available in dry or wet canned food for all cat breeds and life stages. There are also cat foods with recipes catering to cats with specific dietary needs such as urinary care and hairball control.

Cat treats not only serve as rewards but are also valuable for the cat’s behavior and training purposes. They come in different forms and flavors offering a delectable snack for cats. Aside from treats, there’s also catnip, a herbaceous plant that can induce playful and sometimes euphoric reactions in cats.

Catnip is available in various forms, including catnip sprays that let you provide your feline friend with an enjoyable and stimulating experience. Just remember that not all cats are sensitive to it, and moderation is key to ensure your cat continues to respond positively.

Vitamins For Cats

Cats require essential vitamins to support their overall health and well-being. Key vitamins include Vitamin A for vision and immune function, Vitamin D for strong bones, Vitamin E for antioxidant support, and B vitamins for energy production.

Pet Express offers multivitamins for cats like LC-Vit, Coat Shine, and appetite enhancers. These feed supplements provide essential nutrients, promoting your cat's health. Additionally, our iron-aid cat supplements ensure your feline gets enough iron for vitality.

cat getting vaccines from veterinaries


Regular vet visits and preventative care, including check-ups, dental cleanings, and flea and parasite prevention, are essential aspects of your cat's health and well-being.

If you’re curious how many vaccines cats need, vaccinations for kittens begin at six to eight weeks of age and continue until approximately 16 weeks. A booster shot is required a year later. These shots are administered in a series, spaced every three to four weeks.

Adult cats typically require vaccinations less frequently, usually annually or every three years, depending on the vaccine's recommended duration of protection.

Toys For Cats

Toys For Cats

When choosing toys for cats, prioritize their safety by choosing items that cannot be easily chewed or swallowed. Toys should encourage your cat’s exercise and mental stimulation, such as interactive puzzles and feather wands. Providing a variety of toys will keep your cat engaged, reduce boredom, and prevent destructive behavior.

cat took a bath and covered with towel

Cat Shampoo

While most cats do not require regular baths, there are situations where a bath is necessary. For instance, if your cat has rolled in something they cannot clean off on their own or if their long hair becomes tangled, a bath may be a good idea.

When bathing your cat, consider using Saint Gertie Premium Happiness Scent Cat Shampoo. It contains 100% natural ingredients, including Neem Oil, Rosemary, and Oatmeal extracts. This cat shampoo for fleas makes an excellent choice for tackling ticks, fleas, and mites while preventing excessive fur shedding. It is SLES and paraben-free, ensuring your cat's safety and comfort.

cat grooming

Cat Grooming

Grooming is essential to prevent matting, reduce shedding, and maintain your cat's coat health. Regular brushing removes dirt and minimizes hairballs, while nail trimming prevents overgrowth and discomfort.

Pet Express offers comprehensive cat grooming services at select stores to keep your feline friend in top shape. These services include de-matting, nail trimming and filing, teeth brushing, mouthwash application, ear cleaning, eye washing, and tear stain removal. Ensure your cat's well-being with professional grooming at Pet Express.

Now that you have your new furry friend in your care, it’s important to provide them with the care and attention they need and we’re here to help you. Get all the cat care supplies you need at Pet Express stores nationwide and online.

Enjoy the wonderful world of owning a cat and cherish the lifelong companionship of your furry family member!

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