Nutripet Strawberry Biscuit Dog Treats 120g 662

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  • Nutripet healthy treat is premium pet snack from Korea. It is prepared using only the finest ingredients needed by your pet. It professionally formulated and well-balanced with proper amount of amino acid complex with dietary fiber, fresh milled whole grain, and other essential nutrients proven to promote better health for your pets.
  • Nutripet "ACTIVE" help restraint the smell of feces of your dogs. By feeding this pet snack regularly, visible signs of healthy skin and coat will be manifested.
  • Nutripet snacks are low in fat, low in salt,and low in calories which makes it a healthy, every day snack. Start feeding your pet Nutripet "Active" to see the difference how your pets actively respond to your training sessions.
  • Contains lactic acid bacteria, a representative of good bacteria,oligosaccharidesthat nourish and promote growth, and dietary fiber that absorbs water, swells and pushes stool.
  • Supports maintenance of stomach health.
  • For pet dogs more than 2 months old.
  • Snacks for all breeds (ultra-small dogs, small dogs, medium-sized dogs, large dogs)

Nutripet Strawberry Biscuit Dog Treats 120g 662

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