Nature's Protection Mini Adult 7.5kg

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  • Complete Pet Food for Adult Small Breed Dogs
  • Adult body weight 1-10 kg
  • A 100% complete and balanced nutritious product that provides all that is needed for years of play and stamina throughout adult life
  • With the right amount and balance of Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids which contribute to development of healthy skin and a nice hair coat
  • Contains natural dynamic micronized cliniptilolite (MZG) to stimulate intestinal health and nutrient absorption
  • A highly digestible and tasty product that satisfies even the most finicky eater
  • Carefully selected minerals contribute to clean teeth and healthy gums for good oral hygiene and good breath
  • Dynamic micronized clinoptilolite actively stimulates intestinal health and nutrient absorption
  • Captures toxins produced by bacteria in the digestive tract and stimulates mobility by lubricating the joints
  • Animal based proteins, carefully balanced with ingredients of marine origin and omega 3 fatty acids, promote the optimal skin condition and a thick, lustrous coat
  • Reduce allergy reaction risks, caused by wheat
  • Carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality, processed in a professional way result in a highly digestible product and small, firm stools
  • Crunchy kibbles and a select combination of minerals help reduce tartar build-up and promote clean teeth and healthy gums

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