Natura Nourish Treatricks T-Rex Treats Dispensing Dog Toy Purple

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  • Treatricks T-Rex Treats Dispensing Dog Toy
  • For medium to large-sized dogs
  • Over 10 inches long
  • Natura Nourish Treatricks is a two-in-one fun and educational chew and dispensing toy that can hold your dog's attention for a longer time and improve their cognitive ability.
  • Made out of high-strength natural rubber, the toys are durable and non-toxic, easily cleaned by washing with water.
  • Uneven surfaces of the toys and their unique animal shapes help clean your dog's mouth by rubbing on teeth, removing plaque and tartar build up.
  • Tasty spikes treats integrated on the toys slow down the treat eating, making for a great chewing companion for longer periods of time.
  • Dogs love treats, but wouldn't it be great to make them work a little more for those tasty treats?
  • 2-in-1 Treat Toys from Natura Nourish TreaTricks could help you achieve the goal. This toy is safe and sturdy. It has two treat modes: integrating treat holding with treat dispensing.
  • Yummy treats on the back of the toy animal always invite your dog to chew, while those remaining in the belly of the toy will slowly come out through the special opening in the bottom.
  • All the special nubs and spikes can improve canine dental hygiene through chewing.
  • A great mental and physical stimulation for all breeds of dogs.


Natura Nourish Treatricks T-Rex Treats Dispensing Dog Toy Purple

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