Bearing Dog Milk with Casein 300g

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  • Bearing Dog Milk with Casein
  • Milk replacer for growing puppies with new improved to deliver best nutrition puppies needed and to make mixing easier in warm water.
  • The best formula is best for puppies during recuperation, pregnant or feeding dame and show dog.
  • Boosts immunity and provides high protein and energy from fat.
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, phosphorus and casein, it helps your cat's body grow healthy, dissolved in warm water.
  • It is a supplement for mother dog during pregnancy and nursing mature dogs and contests that need special maintenance.
    • How to use: Mix 1 part bearing and instant milk powder with 5 parts warm water and mix well. Let it cool and then feed the pet to eat. Should give 4-6 meals a day for the first 4 weeks. The amount of milk each meal. It should be between 15-20 ml/100 g of pet's weight, which can be adjusted according to the individual puppy's milk needs.
    Bearing Dog Milk with Casein 300g

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