6K Dog Shampoo 500ml Deodorization Type

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  • 6K Deodorization Type Dog Shampoo 500ml
  • Suitable for all kinds of dogs and all breeds
  • Bio enzyme can directly break down the source of odor, prevent the formation of the source of odor again and keep the body surface clean for a long time
  • Plant extract formula effectively prevent bacteria and fungi from harming the cortical secretions, effectively prevent the recurrence of odor
  • It adopts bio enzyme formula the active ingredient can breakdown odor source of pet body, eliminate odor
  • Vitamin and Amino Acid nutrition group can toughen hair root, promote hair growth prevent hair to fall off
  • Protease will decontaminate and biological decompose dirt source on fur
  • Decontamination ability is strong and is with zero damage to skin
  • Smear proper amount of this shampoo on fur, massage for about 5 minutes, then rinse with clean water.

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