Zipyran Plus Dewormer

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  • Zipyran Plus Sabor
  • Treatment for Round and Tapeworm for dogs
  • Treatment of the main intestinal parasitosis of dogs, caused by parasites
  • Zipyran plus can be used in dogs older than 4 weeks with high efficacy and security. Not to be used in pregnant animals.
  • Each tablet contains: Praziquantel 50mg, Pyrantel 50mg, Febantel 150mg
  • To be applied only on veterinary prescription
  • Tablets are scored for convenient oral administration, one every 10 kg not to exceed 4 tablets per dog. Only one administration is required, but for an optimum prevention and total elimination of worms and their eggs from the environment it is advised to repeat every 3 months.

Zipyran Plus Dewormer

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