Muddy Paws Coco Cat Litter 3kg

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  • Muddy Paws Coco Cat Litter
  • Premium, Organic and Eco-friendly
  • 100% made from organic coconut husk
  • Odor neutralizer
  • Bio-degradable
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Coco Cat Litter rapidly absorbs up to eight times its own weight in odor-causing liquids, keeping your house smelling naturally fresh!
  • Our single ingredient litter is made from 100% pure organic coconut husk. Absolutely no pesticides or chemicals are used, making it non-toxic and safe for all pets.
  • Coco Cat Litter is economical – only one inch cover needed. A small litter box uses about 1.5kg which lasts up to a week! For large little boxes, use 3kg of Coco Cat Liter.
  • You may recycle your used Coco Cat Litter as potting mix in your garden or add to your compost bin! Just remove solid waste first.
  • Storage: Seal bag and keep in a cool dry place away from sources of heat.
  • Made in the Philippines.

Muddy Paws Coco Cat Litter 3kg


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