True to its one-stop shop format, Pet Express offers dog training and a wide range of pet grooming and veterinary services. Customers can rely on Pet Express’ group of competent groomers and veterinarians to handle their precious dogs and cats.

Looking good & fresh

Let Pet Express take care of your pet’s grooming needs. Avail of our complete grooming package and dematting service or try our pet grooming services ala carte.

  • Grooming Package (Bath, shampoo, blowdry, ear cleaning, nail trim, sanitary trim, teeth brushing, haircut) for small/medium - large/giant breeds - 450/650/850
  • Dematting - 450
  • Teeth Brushing - 75
  • Mouth Wash - 75
  • Eye Wash - 75
  • Ear Cleaning - 75
  • Nail Trim and Filing - 100
  • Tear Stain Removal - 100
  • Frontline Application (excluding products) - 100
  • Bath and Blowdry (for small/medium - large/giant breeds) - 200/400/600
  • Medicated Bath (for small/medium - large/giant breeds) - 250/450/650
  • Pet Massage - 200
  • Peticure = Nail Caps Application (excluding product) - 100
  • Peticure Nail Caps Removal - 100

At Pet Express, we only give quality veterinary services. Contact the nearest Pet Express branch to find out more about the medical services we provide for dogs and cats.

  • Dentistry
  • Laboratory services
  • Surgeries
  • Confinement for ill patients
  • Prescription medication and diets
  • Health Certificates
  • Deworming
  • Vaccination for puppies and kittens
  • Senior pet health
  • Wellness consultations and examinations
  • Comprehensive physical examinations

Teach and Learn

Spend quality time with your dogs and enrol them in programs that promoted active dog and human lifestyle. Together with Team Kovu, join our classes and explore more ways to play and interact with your pet outside the confines of the four corners of the house.


The Dog Sport Training program will introduce the needed foundation for any dog sport discipline a handler and dog tandem needs to know and practice consistently. Course price is 6000 per handler and dog tandem


Course Length: 8 weeks (1 session a week spanning 2 hours)


Course Requirements

  • No prior handler and dog training experience is required
  • Any breed of dog as long as it is already 5 months or older
  • Dog's vaccination records must be updated
  • Female dogs should not be in "heat" for the entire duration of the course
  • 1 handler: 1 dog ratio
  • Clicker
  • Food/treat rewards
  • Water and water bowl
  • Old newspaper/ plastic to clean up after dog

Out for an errand or out of town vacation with no one to take care of your pets? Leave your dogs and cats at the capable hands of Pet Express.

  • Day boarding (weekdays) – 50/hour
  • Day boarding (Weekends. No pet carrier, no boarding) – 100/hour
  • Regular overnight boarding for breeds 0 – 20kg (w/o food) – 500
  • Regular overnight boarding for breeds 21kg & up (w/o food) – 600
  • Overnight suite boarding – 850
  • Pet food for overnight boarding – 100